Right old moan!!!!

Have to say yesterday was the worst day I’ve had for Pratt’s on the road, not pupils but so called experienced driver’s, was personally abused on three occasions cut up on so many I lost count. I’ve said it before how would these people react if it was their son or daughter it happened to? I don’t understand the mentality of people sometimes.

Rant over 🙂


Can camera’s cut insurance cost?

Insurer Swiftcover is to reduce premiums by 10% for motorists who use forward facing dashboard camera’s in their car. As this can help reduce the number of contested claims made, by proving who was at fault, therefore speeding up the process of dealing with a claim.

The sale of such camera’s has increased rapidly over the last 6mths as more and more motorists look to protect themselves from bogus claims: ie: crash for cash.

Its probably only a matter of time before they all join in.

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