Intesive courses Good or Bad ?

Are intensive driving courses a good thing or not? They might suit some but not most. Can you really learn to drive in one or two week’s? Driving is a life skill that needs to be fully taken in and I do not feel that can be fully achieved in 5days. Yes you can pick up the basic ideas and principles of driving, but you need more time to digest the magnitude of being on the road. Both the pupil and instructor are under pressure from the start to complete the course which does not help. It is as it says intense, driving for 5 hours a day is hard, and difficult to keep up the concentration required as an experienced driver let alone for a novice driver.

I know people want to learn as fast as possible, but you must remember this is a skill that will last you all your life, and its a skill that if not used or learnt  properly has the potential to Kill you, I sometimes think that people only look at the cost and want the cheap deal instead of thinking about the quality of instruction they are getting. But that is how society is now everyone wants the quick fix!

Personally I feel you need time to  properly learn and apply the skills needed to become a safe and competent driver, some will disagree. But if it was my child I was sending out to learn I would like to be as sure as I could be that they were learning fully everything they need to keep them as safe as possible on the road. Not just the quick fix.

Got an opinion? Let me know.


Insurance Scam Young Drivers Beware!!

Piece in Sunday Paper. Young drivers are being preyed upon by people selling worthless car insurance. Police warn of fake brokers who lure motorists with high premiums onto cheaper deals. the fake policies often sold on line, mean buyers are liable to have their car seized and be fined up to £300. Make sure you check out any broker you are dealing with.

“If It Looks Too Good To Be True! It Probably Is”