Change to tax discs. Good or Bad thing?

From 1st oct 2014 you will be able to pay your road tax by direct debit, annually, biannually or monthly. Not a bad idea. Also the paper tax disc first issued in 1921 will no longer be issued, and you will no longer be  required to display it in your windscreen. A digital copy being kept by the DVLA. As 99% of drivers pay up on time and the main enforcement being the use of ANPR in police cars who will also have access to DVLA records, this is another way for the government again to cut costs. But at present both traffic wardens and PCO,s look out for untaxed cars, will this then encourage more people to chance getting away without paying it? As this will make it easier to do as all cars will look the same taxed or untaxed.

Got an opinion? Let me know.