New penalties for careless driving.

At last the police have been given the power to impose on the spot fines for people who, tailgate on motorways and HOG the centre lane, also there is a rise in the fixed penalty  fine to £100 for mobile phone use and  no seatbelt. Whether this will make a difference only time will tell. You must also wonder how easy it will be to enforce?  But its a start.


Pupils old and new BEWARE latest Crash For Cash Scam!!!!!!!!

To all my pupils both new and old, friends and anybody reading this, Beware the latest Crash For Cash! scam is, to flash there headlights to let you go, then race up in front of you so hit them, then the big claim starts as you can not prove that is what happened. You pulled out so that is how it is preceived. So just keep looking and if in doubt just stay where you are. But just keep looking. Patrick

Booking a test? BEWARE!!!!

The DSA are warning people who are about to book their theory or practical test, To Beware of booking agencies that seem to be the official site but are not. These people will charge you a booking fee on top of the normal test fee for the privilege, sometimes up to as much £30 extra. They may offer a free re-test, but that’s working on the theory you will fail, but you won’t get a refund if you pass. Just make sure you only use the official DSA site, and if they want more than  £31 for the theory  or  £63 for the practical YOUR in the wrong site, so log out and start again.