Interpretors and Voice overs to finish.

The DSA announced on 10th oct that you will no longer be able to have an interpretor on your driving test or a voice over in a foreign language on your theory test. People with dyslexia or special needs can still have a voice over or reader. This all comes into effect on 7th april 2014. In a consultation over 70% of people felt if people could not read English they would not understand road signs or be able to converse with traffic officers.

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Test when your 18yrs old???

The government are looking at Maybe making it compulsory that you can not take a driving test until your 18, so you have to take a year of training, as you can still get your provisional at 17. Also banning you from driving at night unless you have a 30yr driver sitting next to you. You will need to have 100hrs training and 30hrs night training. And a year on probation after that.

The pit falls are: To get 100hrs @1hr a week which is the norm will take 2yrs (so now your 19) or 2hrs a week which a lot will not be able to afford. And some pupils who pick up driving quickly will start to get bored and it then effects there attitude towards it.

People need to drive for work, day and night. It will also make it harder for 17/18 year olds to get work as a lot of employers want driver’s.

Again it appears the people in power are out of touch, they sit behind their desk making decisions that effect us, but who do they consult with? I notice they will not raise the age of learning, a vote loser I think!!

They need to educate 17yr olds about the dangers of bad driving and attitudes towards it, not alienate the majority for the sake of the few morons. And what makes them think that at 18 they will be any more responsible than at 17, sometimes I think they don’t live in the real world of ordinary people. It will just encourage more youngsters to drive illegally. And who and how will it be policed? As they don’t have the resources to do so.

Yes a minimum learning period is a good idea, but make it  a sensible figure, then a graduated licence system where they get signed over by a qualified instructor to advance on to night driving and the motorway.

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ps: On daybreak this morning the correspondent  said lessons were around £50 if anyone knows where they charge that let me know and i’ll move.