Tax Scam!

Beware if you receive an e-mail from revenue and customs telling you that you have a tax rebate and asking you to register for on line banking, ignore and delete it, Its a scam. It looks official but do not reply, if your unsure ring your local office.


Stupid people ;)


Why do people just walk into the road even when they have looked and can clearly see there is a car coming?


Because they are fecking STUPID.

Who in their right mind walks out in-front of a car and hopes it will stop? Let alone a learner driver who if they panic (and many do) has three pedals to choose from and sometimes it a lottery as to which one they choose, but this seems to be an every day occurrence  in the town of Luton.

Maybe 1time I should let them run them over??????????? Maybe not.


Learn because you want to or feel you need to!!

Do people now learn to drive because they want to, or because they feel they should, or by parental pressure? At one time all pupils took up driving lessons because that’s what they wanted to do, making it easier for them to learn. Now a percentage take it up because they are told you need to learn, by parents or friends. But as a result they are not so enthusiastic and it takes longer to learn. Is that how society is now?

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