Graduated Licence Good idea or Not?

New report suggests 20% fall in insurance premiums “IF” new drivers accept curbs on car use. ie: A 1yr minimum learning period so you would be able to cover all types of driving and weather conditions, restricting the number of passengers you can carry for the first year and conditions for late-night driving, a 3 year probation period instead of the current 2 years, with P plates compulsory. I also feel they should make motorway driving tuition compulsory, so pass your test, then after a few months getting used of driving round town, min 2 motorway lesson’s get a certificate to say you have done it then get you licence up graded to allow you onto the motorway. As currently 1 in 5 young drivers (17-24 year olds) will have an accident within 6mths of passing their test and 1,552 young drivers were Killed or seriously injured on Britain’s road in 2011- that’s more than 4 a day. Young driver’s make up 25% of all those killed or injured yearly, but only account for 8% of licence holder’s.

The fact’s are there, but will the government be strong enough to implement them, probably not as it’s a vote loser. Will young people want it? Probably not as they think there invincible. The problem to-day is every-one want’s it as cheap and quick as possible, they should remember it’s a life skill. There Is More To Learning To Drive Than Just Passing A Test. Every time you get in your car you in control of your life and others, a sobering though. If you have an opinion please let me know.


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